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10 Most Amazing Outdoor Home Theaters

Home theaters are becoming more and more popular and affordable – especially if you can do-it-yourself. But, did you know that home theaters aren’t limited to the inside of your house anymore? Some uber-cool (and somewhat wealthy) people have remodeled their backyards into their own outdoor home theater. These backyard cinemas make for a great venue in which to enjoy a movie or watch the football under the stars. The most luxurious outdoor home theaters are nostalgic reminders of the drive-in theaters of old. These amazing home theaters are the best of the best, and they are innovative solutions for the movie-buffs out there who want to enjoy nature to its fullest by bringing their home entertainment space from the inside, to the outside. Reality check – If you’re like most people then all you can only afford is a cheap plasma in a cabana! However, if you are not like me and you have a pile of cash, here’s what you can do:

The Dive-In Theater – Maui, Hawaii

The upscale Hawaiian-style outdoor theater system at this 14,000-square-foot Maui hideaway is certainly its main attraction. The maker of this customized set-up, Engineered Environments, had to take into consideration the high amount of rainfall, humidity, and windy conditions, which Maui is known for, when they designed this outdoor home theater. The 20ft screen is mounted to an automated lift system beneath a teak bench located poolside. When not in use, the TV screen is hidden in a concrete vault where humidity and rainfall cannot effect it. The pool area is also littered with strategically placed outdoor speakers, which provide a nice 7.1 surround sound effect. There’s even an installed weather station which records wind speeds to make sure that it’s safe for the TV to be used, without it being damaged. Can you imagine how cool it’d be floating in the pool or lounging poolside watching the game or a movie?

Outdoor Poolside Cinema – Florida

This awesome outdoor home theater was designed and installed by Crown Audio in Orlando, Florida. The screen itself is 300-inches diagonally, and it is set on a motorized track to raise or lower it accordingly. The entire system uses 8 large speakers concealed as rocks, placed in strategic locations around the pool, and a full rack of amps to power them. The whole neighborhood will know when you’re watching a movie at this place!

The Drive-In Theater – Hollywood Hills, California

Living in the Hollywood Hills is already the epitome of luxury, but when you add a full-size movie theater to the backyard of your residence – you’re taking luxury to the next level. This 5,800-square-foot glass home was designed by Hagy Belzberg, and it features this enormous outdoor movie-screen mounted on the side-wall of the guest house. This beautiful backyard home theater is easily one of the best of its kind.

Golf Clubhouse 11ft Reversible Screen – North Carolina

This outdoor home theater at the “Cliffs at Walnut Cove” golf community in North Carolina uses a reversible screen which can be viewed while you’re working on your putting skills, or while you relax in the comfortable back porch. This cool home theater innovation ensures that you don’t miss one moment of the big game. This outdoor/indoor home theater consists of a 11 ft. by 7 ft. HDTV with reversible display, indoor surround sound, and outdoor weatherproof speakers for surround sound.

Aussie Outdoor Cinema – Victoria, Australia

A company called Yellowstone Landscaping in Australia came-up with this next outdoor home cinema design, and it’s a beauty. Outdoor Design & Living magazine agrees, as they featured this design in 2006, and for good reason. This very comfortable and cozy outdoor living space features a large projector screen and a PE7700 BenQ home theater projector as its centerpiece. A gazebo was built around this outdoor theater in order to protect it from the elements. Sweet design!

Elegant Outdoor Theater

This beautiful house has definitely taken home entertainment to the next level with this awesome poolside home theater. This smooth installation features full surround sound for watching movies, and there are also speakers wired throughout the house for when you want to listen to your favorite tunes from any room. You can watch your favorite movie while relaxing in the pool, or while lounging poolside, on the gigantic motorized screen that works alongside with the ceiling mounted projector to provide you with the ultimate home theater experience.

Double Plasma Setup – Reno, Nevada

This awesome $4.2 million home in Reno, Nevada features mountain views and 2 home theaters – one inside and one outside. The outdoor home theater is built for comfort, and it features 2 large-screen plasmas built into the brick wall. Full surround sound and a full outdoor kitchen makes this outdoor theater one that will surely get a lot of use. There’s also a built-in gas fireplace for those chilly winter nights in Reno.

Cal Spas Hot Tub + Home Cinema

Cal Spas has taken outdoor living to a whole new level with their ultimate outdoor home theater. This fully-equipped outdoor living area is like having a living room and a kitchen in your backyard. This incredible outdoor set-up includes a 63-inch LCD flat panel HDTV, surround sound, integrated DVD/CD player, iPod docking station, Sirius satellite radio, hookups for gaming consoles, 5-burner BBQ grill, wet bar, weatherproof recliners, and 2 fire pits – all of which is weatherproof.

Inflated High End Theater

A more high-end version of the inflatable outdoor home theater inflates in about 5 minutes with its own built-in fan. This gigantic screen is 16 ft. by 13 ft. in size, and it includes a DVD player, high-output DLP projector, dual 15-inch speakers with stands, microphone, and all of the required cables. It’s basically like having an outdoor home theater in a box, but this “little kit” will set-you-back about $10,000. Set-up this outdoor theater in your backyard, and you’ll be the most popular house on the block.

The Blow up Budget Screen

Alright, for those people on a tight budget but still want to enjoy watching a movie poolside or under the stars, you can opt for this inflatable TV-screens. This particular model will come in both an 8 ft. and a 12 ft. version at a cost of $799 and $999 respectively. You can connect your surround sound system to the weatherproof widescreen to complete your inexpensive outdoor home theater set-up. These screens will work with any type of projector.

If you are inspired to hook up a new home theater setup at your place, you’ll need to explore your options for projector screens and tv cables.

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